Thursday, January 18, 2018

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

Defense and special teams will lead Clemson past Georgia Tech and to the ACC championship.

Georgia Tech offense vs. Clemson defense
• Clemson NG Jarvis Jenkins (310 pounds) and DT Brandon Thompson (305) have the size to clog the middle and make it easier for the Tigers' perimeter defenders to carry out their assignments against Georgia Tech's spread-option attack. However, they play too high at times and the Yellow Jackets' undersized offensive line should still be able to create some seams. RBs Jonathan Dwyer and QB Josh Nesbitt are more than capable of taking advantage. Dwyer is a powerful between-the-tackles runner and Nesbitt follows blocks well. If the perimeter defenders then start to collapse inside, it will open up the outside for RBs Anthony Allen and Roddy Jones.