Sunday, November 19, 2017

Florida vs. Alabama

The only thing that matters is that Florida can turn to Tebow in crunch time and Alabama can't.

Florida offense vs. Alabama defense
• Florida's success on third down played a key role in its victory over Alabama in last season's SEC title game. The Gators converted seven of 12 opportunities, all 12 of which were put in QB Tim Tebow's hands. Of the seven conversions, four were completed passes and three were Tebow runs. Expect a similar game plan on third down and in the red zone this season. There were two types of plays that gave Alabama trouble a year ago. The first was the shotgun speed-option, in which Tebow takes the snap and immediately heads off-tackle directly at the contain man then chooses to keep the ball or pitch outside to the running back, depending on what the defenders do. The second was Florida's quick-hitting passing plays out of its shotgun, five-receiver set. In fact, all three of Tebow's touchdown passes last season came inside the Tide's 10-yard line out of that look with Tebow simply targeting the most favorable one-on-one matchup and getting the ball out in a hurry.