Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Texas vs. Alabama

A stout defense and an overpowering rushing attack will lead Alabama over Texas and give the Crimson Tide the BCS title.

Texas offense vs. Alabama defense
• Oklahoma and Nebraska gave QB Colt McCoy and the Texas offense the most trouble this season thanks to good personnel and a lot of matchup-zone coverage, which is designed to limit the effectiveness of the Longhorns' dink-and-dunk passing game. For example, if Texas goes with a four-receiver set it's common for the opponent to rush three defensive linemen, keep one safety in the deep middle and use seven other defenders (usually three linebackers and four defensive backs) within six yards of the line of scrimmage in a combination of man-zone coverage (three in underneath zone and four in tight man). This makes it nearly impossible for the Texas wide receivers to separate in the short-to-intermediate zones, which is where McCoy is most accurate as a passer. It's hard to imagine Alabama coach Nick Saban going in a different direction.