Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama at Arkansas

Arkansas brings plenty of momentum into its Week 4 matchup with No. 1 Alabama.

Alabama offense vs. Arkansas defense
• Film study of the Arkansas defense in 2009 and early this season shows a couple of tendencies to look for this week. First, the Razorbacks like to rotate to a one-high safety look on most first downs and on run-heavy downs. Defensive coordinator Willy Robinson knows his interior defensive line will be overmatched versus Alabama's power-run game, so we expect to see even more of this look than usual. Alabama won't get away from its balanced approach but the Crimson Tide will likely throw the ball a bit more than normal on run downs in an attempt to exploit the vulnerable Arkansas secondary. The second tendency the Razorbacks are showing is bringing pressure on third-and-long (six yards or more), and sometimes in second-and-long (nine yards or longer) situations. The Tide surely knows this based on tape study so expect them to mix in some draws and screens to counter, especially on second downs.