Saturday, July 22, 2017

Baylor at Oklahoma State

A pair of potent offenses square off when Baylor visits Oklahoma State in Week 10.

Baylor offense vs. Oklahoma State defense
• It will take sound assignment football and tackling for Oklahoma State to slow Baylor's read- and speed-options. Bears QB Robert Griffin III reads defensive fronts well and he is willing to give the ball to RB Jay Finley when the defense dictates a pitch or handoff. Finley is a tough runner who hits inside seams going full speed and flashes a powerful stiff-arm in space, and when Griffin keeps the ball he can turn the corner in a flash and is a dangerous open-field runner. The Bears are also capable of grinding things out in short-yardage situations. They can line Griffin up under center and run Finley downhill, and their interior offensive line is big and strong enough to hold its own against Cowboys DTs Chris Donaldson and Shane Jarka. In addition, 295-pound Baylor FB Kaeron Johnson can line up at H-back and essentially function as a sixth offensive lineman.