Saturday, November 18, 2017

Navy at San Diego State

Navy's triple-option offense is tricky to defend, but San Diego State could have the answers in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Navy offense vs. San Diego State defense
• The Aztecs have proved against Air Force that their 3-3-5 defense can have success against the triple option. San Diego State defensive coordinator Rocky Long crowded the line of scrimmage with S's Andrew Preston, Brandon Davis and Darryn Lewis, who did a great job staying patient with their diagnosis, maintaining strong position and tackling well. The Midshipmen will bring a slightly different triple-option scheme that revolves more around QB Ricky Dobbs, who presents a much bigger threat as a runner. Long's main concern this week will be balancing a focus on Dobbs, who has the ability to carry the ball in a variety of ways within this scheme, with discipline against FB Alexander Teich up the middle or RBs Gee Gee Greene and Aaron Santiago around edge.

• Two keys have made the Midshipmen effective on the ground. First, Navy's offensive line sacrifices size for quickness and athleticism and its members are technicians in terms of cut blocks and getting defenders off of their feet. Secondly, Navy does a good job covering up defenders with downfield blocking. In particular, WRs Greg Jones and Brandon Turner take a lot of pride in their blocking and are relentless in that area. The Aztecs' defensive linemen must play with balance and be able to stay on their feet. How well the linebackers and secondary take on and shed blocks also will have a lot to do with how well San Diego State defends the run.