Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Army at SMU

Army brings its option attack into the Armed Forces Bowl to face an SMU team that will essentially be playing a home game.

Army offense vs. SMU defense
• QB Trent Steelman leads Army's option attack, making sound reads and following his blocks when he decides to run. Steelman is also willing to take the big hit and pitch the ball at the last possible moment. SMU's 3-4 defensive front had some problems defending the pitch against Navy earlier this year with its outside linebackers being sucked inside by the quarterback and the inside linebackers left to defend the pitch. Mustangs ILBs Pete Fleps and Taylor Reed took too many false steps and their subpar pursuit angles led to some missed tackles. Army doesn't run the same scheme as Navy but the Black Knights are similar in the sense that offensive coordinator Ian Shields will test SMU with misdirection. Army slotbacks Patrick Mealy, Malcolm Brown and Brian Cobbs are all quick enough to turn the corner and/or cut back when the Mustangs get caught out of position.