Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oklahoma vs. Texas

Oklahoma will provide the biggest test to date for the young Texas quarterback duo in Week 6.

Oklahoma offense vs. Texas defense
The Texas run defense is at its best getting into gaps and disrupting plays with quickness, but Oklahoma's potent passing attack will make it difficult for Longhorns LBs Emmanuel Acho and Keenan Robinson to play downhill. The Sooners run and throw the ball well out of shotgun/pistol sets, with QB Landry Jones selling his play fakes effectively and making linebackers pay when they bite. The Sooners also will sell play-action to one side of the field and then throw a screen to WR Ryan Broyles on the opposite side. Either the Longhorns' linebackers read and react, or they are aggressive against the run and create space for Oklahoma's receivers. Any hesitation will make it easier for the Sooners' line to reach the second level, where the Texas linebackers struggle to get off blocks. Leading rusher Dominique Whaley is running with patience and following his blocks, and there isn't much of a drop-off when Brennan Clay or Roy Finch gets the carry.