Thursday, October 19, 2017

Michigan at Michigan State

Michigan QB Denard Robinson faces a tough test when the Wolverines travel to Michigan State in Week 7.

Michigan offense vs. Michigan State defense
• QB Denard Robinson continues to be the focal point of Michigan's ground game. In addition to running read-option and designed quarterback keepers, offensive coordinator Al Borges can line Robinson up at receiver and run speed sweeps with him. However, Spartans defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has the blueprint for slowing Robinson down. Michigan State held Robinson to 86 yards and one touchdown on 21 carries in a 34-17 win over the Wolverines last season and took the ball out of Robinson's hands on the read option. The Spartans' defensive ends got upfield and forced him to hand the ball off. Narduzzi also made it difficult for Robinson to get outside on designed keepers. He frequently lined up OLB/SS Chris Norman inside the slot receiver and had Norman key on Robinson. Norman filled hard when he read run, and his ability to blow up Robinson's lead blockers made it difficult for Robinson to get upfield. Look for a similar approach this week.