Famed Hokies lunch pail on the shelf -- for now

There is a look in the eyes of Bud Foster. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then ole Bud's soul is pretty stirred up. Because the look he gave me as he curtly shook my hand with a nearly clenched jaw was pure intensity.

Foster is the longtime, respected defensive coordinator for Virginia Tech. Even at his most relaxed, Foster is hyperintense. These days he is hardly at his most relaxed.

Before smothering Southern Mississippi at home on Saturday night, the Hokies had lost two straight for the first time in the careers of any of the current players. What's worse, they had embarrassed themselves. In a loss at Boston College two weeks ago, two of Tech's defensive veterans were caught by ESPN cameras arguing and nearly scuffling on the sidelines after the confused unit had given up a game-clinching BC touchdown pass.