OU-Oregon call exposes 'perfect' system

Instant replay took a big hit Saturday. The regal aura of the "perfect" system employed in college football was exposed as being humanly imperfect. What's wrong with that? Nothing, except that the system was sold to the college football community as a perfect system -- a system that would eliminate incorrect calls in games and do so in an efficient and economical manner. It was deemed necessary because so much was at stake (i.e., money) with the BCS.

The Big Ten started instant replay, loved it and sold it to the rest of college football -- and all followed suit like lemmings. Phooey. Go tell Oklahoma how "perfect" the system is. Well, it's not, and it's time for college football to take a hard and thoughtful look at the system.

In a weekend that saw several controversial instant replay calls (and non-calls), none was bigger than the blown calls in the final minute of the Oregon-Oklahoma game. Mistakes by game officials and replay officials gave Oregon an undeserved 34-33 "win" over Oklahoma.