Week 3: It's time for the real tests to begin

There are so many good games this weekend that instead of a review of last weekend's tilts, I have to go with a preview piece on this week's games. Normally, I'm still absorbing the stuff that happened the previous weekend until at least Monday night. But my adrenaline is flowing and I'm pumped for the third weekend of action.

Here we go with some of the games I have on my radar.

At this point, Ohio State might be the only team I'd say is gonna be tough to beat. And I know all about West Virginia and its schedule. I've had the Mountaineers ranked No. 2 with my AP vote for three weeks. But it's hard not to be really impressed with how OSU went into Austin and handled the defending national champs. Troy Smith was even better than I thought he'd be. And for all you experts who picked UT to win, I bet the next big-time matchup will have you paying more attention to the matchups of the two quarterbacks. At any rate, we're beginning to see who has what -- as well as who has some problem areas to solve. Some teams are easier to figure out because we've seen them face tough competition. For example, Ohio State, Texas, USC, Florida State, Miami … to name a few.