How South Carolina can derail Auburn

An upset is possible in Atlanta, but it will require major defensive discipline against the run. Getty Images

South Carolina Gamecocks defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson is faced this week with the seemingly impossible quandary of figuring out what to do to stop the phenom that is Auburn Tigers quarterback Cameron Newton.

Newton is a key reason Auburn has either gained 300 yards rushing or posted a passer rating of 170 or more in all but one game this year. Even more amazing is the fact they have reached both of those statistical milestones in six contests, four of which were against SEC competition (South Carolina, the Arkansas Razorbacks, Mississippi Rebels, Georgia Bulldogs).

Being on that list does not seem to bode well for Johnson's chances, but a detailed look at the Sept. 25 contest between South Carolina and Auburn showed a road map for how the Gamecocks can stop Newton and company.