Plenty of prospects for OU

YOU'VE GOT MEL | Mel Kiper's Mailbag

Its been a while since the Oklahoma Sooners have had more than five players taken in a single draft. With a large and talented senior class how many Sooners do you see getting drafted this year?

Eric, Dallas, Texas

KIPER -- The OU player who has made the biggest move up the board is wide receiver Mark Bradley, perhaps the most underrated offensive star in the nation and a guy who can also contribute on special teams in addition to his exploits as a speedy receiver. Bradley should be a first-rounder and fellow wideout Mark Clayton should be as well with his exceptional ability to run after the catch. Offensive tackle Jammal Brown and defensive end Dan Cody also get first-round grades.

Cornerback Antonio Perkins, safety Donte Nicholson, defensive end Johnathan Jackson, middle linebacker Lance Mitchell, center Vince Carter and receiver Brandon Jones also rate as draftable players. If guard Davin Joseph comes out early, he would be a first-round prospect and give the Sooners 11 potential draftees.