Plenty of candidates for possible vacancies

There were only 10 head-coaching changes in Division I-A college football last year. Unfortunately more turnover is inevitable in the upcoming offseason. In fact, we've already seen five head coaching jobs open up -- and there's still two weeks remaining in the 2006 regular season. North Carolina has replaced lame-duck head coach Jon Bunting with Butch Davis. Michigan State, Iowa State, North Texas and FIU are still in the market for a new leading man.

With that in mind, the following is a breakdown of 10 top head coaching prospects -- regardless of the job opening:

1. Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin (athletic director)
It seems the only job that would lure Alvarez from his role as Wisconsin's AD resides in Coral Gables. Current Miami President Donna Shalala has a well-documented history with Alvarez and she would likely throw in the AD job to sweeten the pot.