Tebow's throwing motion improved, but defenses are figuring Florida out

Much has been made of the mechanical transformation Tim Tebow underwent this past spring. Tebow was battling lingering soreness in his arm during spring drills, so coach Urban Meyer decided to have his quarterback's throwing motion broken down by the university's biomechanics and motion analysis laboratory. The result of the study showed that Tebow's three-quarter delivery was putting extra stress on his arm, particularly his elbow and shoulder. The Florida coaching staff spent the offseason tweaking Tebow's mechanics. Tebow responded well to the more over-the-top delivery and the inflammation went away.

Moving forward, Tebow should experience less pain in his arm during future spring and fall camp practices. There's also a good chance he will have fewer passes batted down at the line of scrimmage now. However, it's nearly impossible to tell if that trip to the biomechanics lab made Tebow a more accurate passer.