BCS is Big Three ... then everyone else

There are seven undefeated teams remaining in Division I-A, but three have clearly separated themselves from the pack.

And unlike past years, when three unbeaten teams atop the BCS Standings would have caused much national consternation, this situation holds little potential for controversy. There is such a large gap between the BCS averages of the top three teams and everyone else, that those three -- No. 1 Ohio State, No. 2 USC and No. 3 Michigan -- might as well be alone on an island. Unless two of them lose, there is no chance for anyone else to reach this season's BCS National Championship Game.

And since the Michigan-Ohio State game on Nov. 18 guarantees that at least one of them will lose, it's nearly impossible for any of the three to finish with a perfect record and not be in the top two of the final BCS Standings. So, at least for now, there's no impending controversy.