With few upsets, BCS standings remain calm

It was a sometimes exciting yet mostly uneventful weekend ... at least as it applied to the BCS standings.

No. 1 Ohio State rolled. No. 2 USC was idle. And aside from No. 3 Michigan leading Iowa only 10-6 at the start of the fourth quarter, there wasn't much drama involving the top seven teams. The real fun came from the group of one-loss teams ranked eight through 11, which all escaped with narrow victories.

The highest BCS-ranked team to lose was No. 14 Oregon, which is why there was no significant change in the standings from last week to this week. The only top-12 teams to move more than one spot in either poll were Florida and Notre Dame, which swapped places in the coaches' rankings (the Gators moved up to 8th, and the Irish fell to 10th).