Losses provide blueprints for how to beat Florida, Oklahoma

Florida and Oklahoma each emerged from the regular season with one loss. Both have looked unstoppable down the stretch, but their losses provided lessons for the Gators and Sooners -- giving each a blueprint for how to beat the other.

Here are three things we learned about each team after breaking down the film of their losses and how each thing could affect the outcome of the FedEx BCS National Championship Game:

Texas 45, Oklahoma 35 (Oct. 11)

1. Pressure QB Sam Bradford into making a rare mistake: Bradford's ability to locate mismatches and get the ball out quickly make it difficult to pressure him, and he did throw for 387 yards and five touchdowns against Texas. However, he's a pocket passer who is less effective when he can't set his feet. The Longhorns often forced him to throw on the move, which played a part in the two interceptions he threw.