Top 25 Intel: No. 16 Georgia

Joe Cox is no Matthew Stafford, but with a mended offensive line, he might not have to be. Brett Davis/US Presswire

If you're a Georgia fan, and thus an obsessive worrier about another season handed down by the gods of sadistic scheduling, take a second to think about it this way: The scouts took their measurements, the GMs surveyed the scene, the coaches obsessed for hours over the tapes and the conclusion was clear. Whether his last name was Sanchez, Freeman, or anybody else, no quarterback in the country could have started in front of Matthew Stafford last year.

Including poor Joe Cox. Which makes the Georgia Bulldogs not poor at all this year.

"I feel comfortable with our quarterback," says Georgia offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo, a guy who's been in Cox's shoes. "He's a fifth-year senior coming back to an offense he knows, and the coaches believe in him, and the guys believe in him. We think he'll step in and do a great job."

And most importantly for the Dawgs, when Cox steps in -- with his 33 career completions -- he should be able to stay upright.

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