The Heisman Predictor: Inside the race

I asked a friend -- who knows about as much about college football as my grandmother does -- to name the three most likely Heisman Trophy winners for the upcoming season. It took him a minute, but he eventually came up with Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow. When pressed for a fourth name (of any active college football player, not just Heisman candidates), all he could produce was Boston College's former walk-on kicker, Steve Aponavicius.

That just about sums up this year's Heisman Trophy race: three household names … and everyone else.

So why are we even bothering to write about the "other" Heisman candidates? Well, because this is college football and while we are reasonably sure that the 2009 winner will be a Longhorn, Sooner or Gator, crazier things have happened.

And so begins our mission to determine just what these wacky scenarios are.

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