The Insider: BCS secret weapons

When Nick Saban rolls up to the stadium, he's got quite the entourage. Getty Images

This feature appears in the April 5, 2010 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Click "coaches" on the Alabama Crimson Tide football page at rolltide.com. In addition to Nick Saban's smiling mug, you'll see head shots of nine assistants employed by the national champs. They are, as it turns out, just a slice of the Crimson Tide's staff.

There's an entire other layer to uncover, and to access it, you need to scroll up to the "Athletics" link and click the "Directory" tab. About five clicks down, you'll again meet Saban and those nine on-field assistants. But you will also notice a host of folks with strange titles: athletic relations coordinator; director of player personnel; assistant director of player personnel; director of player development (two of them, actually); assistant director/football operations; and recruiting operations coordinator. That's a whole lot of golf shirts.