Team preview: Michigan

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(All information as of July 1, 2005)


When you're as good as Michigan has been over the years, success comes with its unique burdens. Sure, you get the best talent in the country to come play for you. But then, eventually, you have to replace them.

This year, among the Wolverines' biggest challenges will be filling the holes left by three players who were chosen among the first 33 picks in April's NFL draft. Gone from last year's Rose Bowl team are wide receiver Braylon Edwards, the third overall selection by the Cleveland Browns; cornerback Marlin Jackson, who went 29th to the Indianapolis Colts; and center David Baas, taken by the San Francisco 49ers with the first pick of the second round.

Of course, as usual Michigan has the horses to replace them, and turning new faces into stars is nothing new for head coach Lloyd Carr and his staff.

"We're always changing," Carr told Heritage Newspapers after the completion of spring practice. "The key is to make sure the changes you make are good changes that are going to help you win football games."