Team preview: USC

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(All information as of July 1, 2005)


You can spend the next 10 minutes or the next month reading preseason previews about USC and while the knowledge gained might impress friends come September or lead to an early divorce, it basically comes down to one question.

Can anyone beat the Trojans in 2005?

Most believe that answer is a resounding no. There hasn't been a preseason college football poll publicized outside of Austin, Texas that doesn't have USC No. 1. Even if the Trojans lose a game, it'll most likely be considered a fluke and voters could easily have USC playing in the Rose Bowl, home of the national championship game, while an undefeated team plays elsewhere. And the Trojans are so ridiculously loaded that few will disagree with the realities of the system.

"It's an exciting challenge to be the returning national champion and we look forward to dealing with everything that goes with that," USC head coach Pete Carroll said. "We'll handle it well. Our approach will be the same as it always is. Our goal always is to win the Pac-10 and to win the Rose Bowl."

There is a very good chance the first two picks of the 2006 NFL draft will be senior quarterback Matt Leinart and junior tailback Reggie Bush. And not necessarily in that order, either. Sure, Leinart would have easily been the top pick this year. It would have taken San Francisco about 1.3 seconds to blurt his name out.