Team preview: Washington State

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(All information as of July 1, 2005)


From 2001-03 -- for the first time in 70 years -- a Pac-10 team won double-digit games in three consecutive seasons. And no, the program wasn't USC.

And while Washington State's streak was halted last season, the final epitaph of the 2004 Cougars has yet to be written.

Will they be remembered as a hard-luck bunch that lost three of their six games by a touchdown or less? Will the 2004 squad just be a minor setback en route to Washington State having established itself as a perennial Top 25 program?

Or will last season be recalled as the beginning of the end of the greatest three-year run in Washington State football history?

While the answers won't be known for a while, it appears a safe bet that the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

That said, however, another 10-win season certainly isn't out of the question in 2005, says third-year coach Bill Doba.

"There's not one coach in the country who doesn't think they can win the national championship during spring practice and in August," Doba said. "It's USC and everyone else right now in this conference, unless, you know, they run into some problems. The media is so heavy down there and we don't deal with that. And this spring, it had one player hitting another in the jaw and its offensive coordinator [Norm Chow] left and who knows?