Team preview: Fresno State

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(All information as of July 1, 2005)


Pat Hill has spent most of his career at Fresno State trying to live up to his own expectations.

Over the last four years, the Bulldogs have won 38 football games, including major BCS victories over Colorado, Oregon State, Wisconsin, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Washington and Kansas State. But when it comes to winning the WAC championship over that same four-year run, put a bagel by Hill's name. He hasn't gotten it done.

Nobody is more aware of his failures in the WAC than Hill himself. Since the turn of the new century, the 53-year-old head coach has talked about taking it to another level and playing anybody, anywhere, anytime. That includes trips to Washington and Kansas State last year, to Oklahoma and Tennessee in 2003, Wisconsin and Oregon in 2002, Colorado in 2001 and Ohio State in 2000.

ESPN.com called it the most ambitious out-of-league schedule in the country, and nobody's arguing that assessment. Still, in his eight seasons in the WAC, Hill has only a share of the league title in 1999 to show for all his ambition.