Team Preview: San Jose State

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(All information as of July 1, 2005)


Retirement didn't suit Dick Tomey all that well.

After resigning from the Arizona football program in 2000, Tomey wandered aimlessly through the countryside trying to find his way back home. Well, not exactly aimlessly. He spent a couple of years as a color analyst for University of Hawaii football games, another season as an assistant for the San Francisco 49ers, and still another as Mack Brown's right-hand man at the University of Texas.

But after 24 seasons as a head football coach, Tomey wanted a team he could call his own. That opportunity came last December when the San Jose State Spartans announced Tomey would be spending his silver anniversary as their head coach.

Athletic director Tom Bowen could barely contain his excitement when announcing his choice.

"Dick Tomey was described as a person with boundless positive energy, possessing an engaging leadership style and demonstrating a genuine love for his student-athletes," Bowen said. "He's been associated with some of the most important names in college football for the last 40 years and has parlayed all his relationships into one of the game's most successful coaching careers."

Some might wonder if that's about to come to an end.