An intriguing number of mismatches

This opening weekend has some terrific matchups for any college football fan. But seeing how Bowling Green will fare at Wisconsin and how Boise State will do at Georgia immediately draws your attention.

Bowling Green and Boise State are two of the great teams on the outside of the BCS. Last year, Utah cracked the BCS party, but Boise and Louisville, which were every bit as good, were left out. This year, Louisville has moved to the Big East and can print its own ticket to the year-end party, but Boise has the same old problem of trying to get respect. A win between the hedges is one pretty fast way of getting it.

We'll be watching that one closely, but mismatches are the ones we like the most this week. A much-improved Kansas team should roll over a depleted squad from Florida Atlantic, and Louisville is back to teach Kentucky another lesson about recruiting etiquette.