Double-digit home dogs are back

Christmas came early this week for college football fans, thanks to ESPN's programmers. There are some interesting games on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, leading off with the classic mid-major matchup of Bowling Green facing Boise State. Thursday night Air Force takes on Utah in an intriguing match and Friday night Iowa State and Cal are prohibitive favorites at Army and New Mexico State.

Last year we pointed out how successful Double-Digit Home Dogs (DDHDs) were, winning at a near 70 percent clip. This season there have been few the first three weeks and they are 3-2-1 to this point. But this week there are eight DDHDs, and we're grabbing three of them and taking our chances against one. This week's DDHDs are Army, New Mexico State, Illinois, South Florida, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Washington and Oregon. We'll keep you up-to-date on this trend.


Boise State -7½ over Bowling Green: Bowling Green has a nifty quarterback in Omar Jacobs and a passing game that had Wisconsin wondering who those masked men were. But the Falcons couldn't tackle your grandmother, especially on the road, and this isn't exactly your average road game.