Heisman Predictor: Preseason picks

It's not a two-horse race between Mark Ingram and Terrelle Pryor, as both face hurdles. Getty Images

For close to a decade, the Heisman Predictor has been an accurate measure of the likeliest winner of college football's ultimate individual prize. For the formula behind the Predictor, read this.

The Heisman Predictor fell short last year for the first time since 2002, ending a seven-year streak of nailing the award winner. But the Predictor is back for 2010 and hoping to get back on track. We start this season by picking 10 preseason favorites and detailing what they'll need to do in order hoist the trophy in New York City this December. The rankings are just a rough outline, based solely on points from their position, conference affiliation and bonus points for those who finished in the top 10 last year -- but they give us an idea of who holds an early edge and who is already at a disadvantage.