Raiders cut ties with costly mistake 

May, 6, 2010
The timing of the JaMarcus Russell release wasn't a surprise. The team was prepared to let him go last week, but Al Davis wanted to give him one more look in minicamp. Russell apparently had a decent Friday practice, but he started to revert to the past mistakes in the final couple practices.

Russell simply didn't get better during his 25 starts. Though gifted with a great arm, Russell never conditioned himself correctly, but even worse, he didn't improve his ability to look off defenders or read defenses. Another problem was leadership. For the Raiders, the Russell era turned into a $39 million mistake.

Big blow for Vikes? It's too early to determine if Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams will be suspended for the first four games of the season (a Minnesota judge has sided with the NFL in the StarCaps case), but their absence could cause a tough start.