Why the Jets extended Ferguson 

July, 8, 2010
The main reason left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson moved to the front of the Jets' list of re-signings -- ahead of Darrelle Revis, David Harris and Nick Mangold -- had everything to do with the contract he signed as a rookie.

Ferguson's former agent, Don Yee, put in a base salary of $10 million in the sixth year of the contract, but there were two other provisions that compelled the Jets to do an extension. First, if Ferguson was on the roster at the end of the fifth season, which he is entering, the $10 million would have been guaranteed. Second, the base salary could have gone to the franchise number of an offensive lineman if that number was higher than $10 million.

Knowing that the Jets were going to have to pay him that much next season, there was an incentive to get a deal done to reward a top core group player.