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August, 29, 2005
Crash course: Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner will have to be creative to get first-round choice Cedric Benson ready for the season opener. Benson ended his 36-day holdout Sunday night by agreeing to a five-year contract. Thomas Jones will head into the regular season as the starter, but Turner will have to find ways to get Benson on the field, both because of his talent and because the Bears will need to run the ball more to keep the heat off rookie quarterback Kyle Orton.

Benson's biggest problem is going to blocking on early-down pass plays. Turner will have to devise some base blocking plays so opposing defenses won't just key on Benson when he's on the field, thinking he is only going to be involved with running plays. It's not out of the question that Turner will be using three rookies at lot -- Orton, Benson and wide receiver Mark Bradley.