Bear minimum pass rush? 

September, 22, 2005
Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye wasn't spotted on the field Thursday, increasing thoughts he is going to miss Sunday's game against the Bengals. That would be a big loss. He's the only defensive lineman with a sack, and he is the best pass-rusher off the edge. Ogunleye is questionable with an ankle injury. Michael Haynes, a former first-round pick, would start for him but he's not a good enough replacement to put pressure on quarterback Carson Palmer.

Redskins can't wait: Time was the reason the Redskins didn't wait around for defensive tackle Brandon Noble to recover from nagging knee problems. The thought was by the time Noble felt good enough to play on his bad knee, practice-squad player Aki Jones would be developed enough to be a comparable player. Noble was a good run-stopper. Because of his bad knees, Noble had the team thinking this year could be his last season. Redskins coach Joe Gibbs went through LaVar Arrington's knee problems last year and waited 12 weeks for it to heal. Gibbs didn't want to wait so he put Noble on the injured reserve list and signed Jones off the practice squad.

Brown to Pats' secondary? The thought of returning Troy Brown to defense are starting to surface because of injuries, but the Patriots are in a little more of a bind than a year ago. Brown emerged as the team's third receiver last week and played well against the Panthers. Injuries to Bethel Johnson have hurt his chances and there doesn't seem to be comfort levels yet with new acquisitions Andre Davis and Tim Dwight. Cornerbacks Randall Gay (ankle), Tyrone Poole (ankle) and Duane Starks (thigh) are questionable with injuries and missed time in practice this week. "We're back at where we were last year unfortunately," Bill Belichick said about the cornerback position. Belichick considers Brown an option at cornerback.