Move up Chiefs-Dolphins? 

October, 19, 2005
The NFL and the Dolphins should decide by Thursday what will happen with Sunday's home game against the Chiefs, who would have to fly to Miami on Friday or earlier to avoid the airport problems expected by Hurricane Wilma. The Category 5 storm could hit South Florida by Saturday. The Dolphins are closely monitoring the situation and are concerned about the safety issues. The team canceled a Hall of Fame celebration scheduled for Saturday evening. The Chiefs have concerns about the timing of the storm and would be willing to play earlier or at a different location. What they don't want to do is fly to Miami and play Monday or Tuesday. They have a crucial road game scheduled against the Chargers the next Sunday and don't want to play that game after a short week of practice.

Browns expecting Harrington: Jeff Garcia and Joey Harrington shared practice time with the first team. While everyone outside of Detroit expects Harrington to barely hold onto his starting job one more week, it's still not out of the question for Garcia to start even though he's rushing back from a broken ankle. Browns coach Romeo Crennel said he thinks Harrington will be the quarterback because Garcia missed so much time, but will prepare for both. One omen from the Wednesday practice: Garcia threw an interception on the final play of team drills.

Salary dump: Dolphins coach Nick Saban called trading A.J Feeley a business decision and that's why he threw in a sixth-round choice to San Diego to get the deal done. The business part of it was that he wanted to unload the remainder of Feeley's five-year, $21.5 million deal. His base salary was $3.5 million and Saban was sure to cut him in March. Saban likes the prospects of new quarterback Cleo Lemon and would like to develop him during the remainder of the season.