Switch helps Chiefs 

October, 20, 2005
The advantage for the switch of the Dolphins-Chiefs game from Sunday to Friday clearly goes to the Chiefs. For one, the timing of the game took two days away from the recovery of Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor (foot) and linebacker Junior Seau (calf), who are probably going to miss the game. Both players are listed as questionable and haven't practiced all week. Because of the quick turnaround, the Chiefs expect to be missing three questionable players -- cornerback Dexter McCleon (groin), right tackle Kevin Sampson (illness) and wide receiver Samie Parker (knee). None of those players will be active for Friday's game. The Chiefs offense has a distinct advantage facing a Dolphins defense that won't have Taylor and Seau in the front seven. The other advantage for the Chiefs is their offense is hard to prepare for because of the timing of the passing and running game. The Dolphins really only had about a practice and a half to get ready for them.

Long day at the office: In case you are wondering, the Chiefs will meet at the airport by 9 a.m. Friday and head to the game on their charter. They will arrive in Miami at 1:30 p.m. and get to the hotel at 2 p.m. They will have a pregame meal at 3 p.m. and head to the stadium around 4 p.m. The Chiefs-Dolphins game starts at 7 p.m. and the team will return to Kansas City after the game. They will have a light workout Saturday and then take Sunday off. That will allow the team to be well rested for next week's game against the Chargers in San Diego.

Edge to Garcia? Even though Jeff Garcia and Joey Harrington shared snaps in Lions practice Thursday, it's pretty clear Garcia gained momentum on taking away Harrington's starting job for Sunday's game against the Browns. Garcia told reporters he's ready to start and play now, coming off a broken leg. Coach Steve Mariucci said the only difference between now and training camp before Garcia's injury was a little patch he put on his leg where the break was. From the sounds of it, unless there is a setback, the Harrington era could end Sunday. Mariucci won't announce his starter until game time to try to gain an advantage over the Browns. Don't be surprise if it's Garcia.