Redskins hopeful on Brunell 

December, 26, 2005
The Redskins may have gotten a major piece of good luck with quarterback Mark Brunell. His sprained medial collateral knee ligament isn't too bad. Joe Gibbs is going to list him as day-to-day and see if he can practice later in the week. Gibbs said there is only a little bit of swelling. The MRI showed no major damage. What's helped is there is laxity in the knee because this was Brunell's bad knee. Gibbs will monitor Brunell this week to see if he could be able to play against the Eagles on Sunday. The Redskins need to win to make the playoffs. At least Brunell has a chance to play, which is a little bit more optimistic than after the game Saturday when he suffered the injury.

Losing out on Bush: The 49ers moved out of the Reggie Bush sweepstakes and into the No. 5 spot in the draft because of their victory over the Rams on Saturday. Even if they lose to the Texans on Sunday, the 49ers aren't going to get the top pick in the draft, which is expected to be Bush. The Saints are becoming the team with the best chance to challenge the Texans for the top pick. At 3-12, they have played an easier schedule than the Texans. In case of a tie for the worst record, the team that played the easiest schedule gets the pick. The Saints' opponents have a .507 record. The Texans, who have a one-game lead at 2-13, have played teams with a .554 record, so it's not out of the question that could drop from the top pick to the No. 4 pick if they beat the 49ers on Sunday. Fans in Houston want Reggie Bush, so the Texans won't lose fans if they lose the game.