Bruschi to leg it out? 

December, 27, 2005
Tedy Bruschi's left leg injury isn't a bad as it looked, but the Patriots won't give any indication of the extent of the injury until Wednesday. Bruschi injured his left leg Monday night on the punt team when Jets cornerback Derrick Strait blocked linebacker Mike Vrabel into Bruschi and caught his left leg. He was helped off the field and taken to the locker room in a cart. Although it looked as though it was a high ankle sprain, Bruschi may have suffered only a minor ankle or a calf injury. He will likely miss the season-finale against the Dolphins. He could be ready for the first round of the playoffs but that isn't known. The positive sign for the Patriots was that he didn't need crutches after the game and was in the training room from treatment Tuesday.