Vikes' Robinson in hot water 

August, 16, 2006
Koren Robinson's biggest problem isn't just with the NFL, a league that could suspend him for a year, or the Vikings, the team that could cut him. Robinson's biggest problem could be his violation of probation from the DUI incident he settled in the Seattle area last September. Under terms of the resolution, Robinson served one day in jail and had 364 days suspended as long as he didn't violate the probation. His charges in Minnesota of driving under the influence Tuesday night will force his attorneys to scramble in both states, Minnesota and Washington. The Vikings gave him a contract that pays him $3 million this year, but $2.3 million is tied up in a roster bonus. While the Vikings like Robinson, this incident puts his job and his career in jeopardy.

Scout swap: It will be interesting to see what comes out of the scouting swap going on between the Patriots and the Cowboys. Patriots vice president Scott Pioli is in Oxnard, Ca., presumably looking at the Cowboys wealth at linebacker. The Cowboys sent a scout to the Patriots camp. They are looking for wide receiver and tackle help. The Patriots are too thin at wide receiver to help them, but they do have some excess along the offensive line. Such an arrangement is rare. Pioli is Bill Parcells' son-in-law so you can see where he can be trusted. Normally, teams don't like having scouts from other teams in their camp.

Jets' nose dive: The Jets are desperate for a nose tackle, so it was a natural move to bring in nose tackle Grady Jackson for a workout Wednesday. Jackson is one of the best players available on the street, and he is reluctant to sign for the NFL minimum. He saw that defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson received a $500,000 signing bonus and an $810,000 base salary, numbers that Jackson would consider. While he's in the New York area, Jackson may visit the Giants although it's not certain they are looking for a defensive tackle.