Carroll a Packer mistake no more 

October, 3, 2006
Packers coach Mike McCarthy said the team's decision to release cornerback Ahmad Carroll was a matter of going in a different direction at cornerback.

What it came down to was the Packers not liking was the direction in which Carroll was running as a coverage guy. Carroll still hasn't shaken the problems that have been with him since his rookie season. He tends to hold receivers too much and draws too many penalties. And he gets beat. Carroll got beat for a touchdown against the Eagles on Monday night and was flagged for two more penalties. He was called for 11 penalties as a rookie and seven in his second season. He's also given up roughly nine touchdown passes in 34 career games.

Green Bay's coaches thought they had the right style for him by being a man-to-man coverage team. The problem is when opponents went to three-receiver sets, Carroll, who played behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson, was the corner teams would pick on. After the Monday night disaster, the team moved on and conceded he was a first-round mistake from the 2004 draft.