Switch to Campbell makes sense 

November, 13, 2006
Joe Gibbs was going to go to Jason Campbell sometime soon. After losing to the Eagles and effectively falling out of the NFC East race, the time was now. Even though Gibbs loves the way quarterback Mark Brunell leads and manages the game, the offense was going nowhere with him. He has a modest 6.9 yards per attempt passing because he doesn't have a great deep arm. He had only eight touchdown passes in nine games. At 18.3 points a game, the Redskins weren't scoring enough. Knowing the team may have to rely a little more on the pass offense with Clinton Portis out for at least three weeks with a broken hand, Gibbs went for the younger, strong-armed Campbell. It made no sense to go with Todd Collins, a quarterback who knows Al Saunders' offense but can only come off the bench and run it like a relief pitcher. If the Redskins were going to replace Brunell, they needed to go with Campbell as the starter.

Byron Leftwich may be ending the quarterback debate in Jacksonville by getting his ankle checked in Birmingham, Ala. If surgery is indeed needed on the ankle, he might as well consider getting it now and letting David Garrard handle the starting job. Garrard and the entire Jaguars offense was horrible Sunday against the Texans. Receivers who normally are sure-handed dropped the ball with regularity. Garrard wasn't sharp with his throws. Jack Del Rio has harped enough about Leftwich's lack of mobility on his ankle , so Leftwich might as well do something to get it fixed.

• Expect Albert Haynesworth to be fully reinstated with the Titans this week. The plan was for Haynesworth to serve his five-game suspension and them come back to the team humble and willing to do what it takes to win back his teammates and the coaching staff. The team wanted Haynesworth to get the feeling he wasn't going to be taken back. The Titans will be very demanding of Haynesworth in terms of attitude and behavior for him to get back on the field. Haynesworth has trained hard in Atlanta. His weight is good. He's humble. Jeff Fisher might even let him practice Wednesday. Don't count out the possibility of Haynesworth playing on Sunday.