QB job in Green's capable hands 

November, 15, 2006
Herman Edwards planned on starting Trent Green once he was cleared to practice and he was cleared for contact. Edwards even admitted during Wednesday's post-practice news conference that he was trying to confuse the media by suggesting he'd consider not changing back to Green and staying with hot backup Damon Huard. Edwards said he's been watching Green throw for three weeks. A former player, Edwards thinks starters shouldn't lose their jobs because of injuries. This is the first major decision for Edwards, and he needs to be right. The Chiefs are 5-3, and while they should be able to beat the Raiders on Sunday, they can't afford to lose a Thanksgiving night home game to the Broncos and think about making the playoffs. Green has five key days to keep the Chiefs a playoff contender, but the Chiefs can thank Huard, who was 5-3 replacing Green, for putting them back in the hunt.

Gonzalez out for Chiefs: The Chiefs will probably lose tight end Tony Gonzalez for a couple weeks, and that's a shame. Not only is he having a good season catching the ball, but he's also had perhaps his best season blocking. Gonzalez worked on his strength during the offseason and wants to be more of a complete tight end. He's blocked so well he's even pancaking defenders to the ground. The Chiefs hope he misses only two or three games. He'll be out for the Raiders game Sunday and he'll probably have to miss the game against the Broncos on Thanksgiving. He suffered a shoulder injury.

Alexander back, Hasselbeck not? Shaun Alexander has a better chance to play Sunday against the 49ers than Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Alexander has missed seven games with a fracture in a foot. Hasselbeck has missed three games with a knee sprain. On Wednesday, Alexander split the first-team offensive snaps with Maurice Morris, and if the foot holds up, Alexander will play a good portion of the 49ers game and could maybe start. Hasselbeck still has soreness in the knee and is only angling for a backup role. He's still experiencing pain when he runs with cleats. He'll probably start the Monday night game against the Packers the next week.