Saban seems Bama-bound 

January, 3, 2007
It will be an upset if Nick Saban doesn't take the Alabama job by Wednesday morning. Even though he has vehemently denied he would leave for Alabama, it's probably the right choice.

First, after saying he would be the 2007 head coach of the Dolphins, it would be pretty hard for Saban to go back to Miami and have the full confidence of his players after taking two nights to debate whether to stay or leave. Second, it wouldn't enhance his long-term NFL job security with owner Wayne Huizenga now that he spent a couple days toying with a college job that doesn't pay as much as the $4.5 million a year he is getting from the Dolphins. Saban probably needed two days to decide because his return to college could kill his future chances of getting back into the NFL. Saban is probably better suited for the college job because he has more control over the players than he does in the NFL. Plus, Saban is a masterful recruiter and usually has better players than the other teams. In the NFL, the pool of free agents is tougher to acquire.

Waiting game in Steel City: Expect a decision from Bill Cowher by next Tuesday at the latest. Even though the Steelers would like a quick decision from Cowher about his future, the Steelers were right in giving him time to think about his options. Most people figure Cowher is going to quit. While it could be dangerous for the Steelers, knowing two of their main on-staff candidates -- Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhunt -- are going to be out doing interviews with other teams, Grimm and Whisenhunt won't take any other jobs without giving the Steelers the chance to offer them the head coaching job. Maybe Cowher can help things by deciding by Thursday or Friday. But he spent 15 years as the team's head coach, so he's earned the right to take a few extra days to think about things.