Mora could have future in Seattle 

January, 21, 2007
Even though his immediate duties will focus on the secondary, the Seahawks' hiring of former Falcons head coach Jim Mora as the team's assistant head coaching could have some long-term ramifications. Mike Holmgren, who hired Mora, has two more years left on his contract totaling around $17 million. If he coaches both of those seasons, he will have been with the team for 10 years. At some point, general manager Tim Ruskell will have to look for a replacement and Mora could be the perfect fit. Ruskell, coming from the Bucs system, likes defensive coaches. Mora could work and learn from Holmgren and become one of the prime candidates to eventually replace him. Mora, who went to the University of Washington, has a fondness for the Seattle area. He got in trouble for saying he would leave the Falcons if the University of Washington job ever opened. It's not out of the question for Mora to impress Ruskell enough to some day get the Seahawks job.

• Heading into the season, Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera were considered the hottest assistant coaches in terms of getting head coaching jobs. But once again, the Super Bowl at least somewhat of an influence on the decision-making process. It's hard for an assistant on a Super Bowl team to get a head coaching job. Because they have to wait until after the Super Bowl to take a job, it's very hard to hire a staff. That means coaches on Super Bowl teams rarely get hired. The last Super Bowl coach to get a job was Romeo Crennel in Cleveland and he's had to make several changes to his coaching staff over the past two years. Rivera and the Bears are going to the Super Bowl so it looks as though Rivera will be on next year's head coaching market.

• Wayne Huizenga had a tricky predicament to handle in the hiring of Cam Cameron. To keep defensive coordinator Dom Capers from going to the Giants or another team, Huizenga gave Capers a three-year $8.1 million contract, the highest in the NFL for a coordinator. Most first-time head coaches are getting around $2 million a year. But Huizenga stepped in at the end to make sure Cameron was paid more than his top defensive assistant.