Cowboys' coach search begins 

January, 23, 2007
Two names that might be added to the list of candidates for the Cowboys head coaching job are Cardinals defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast and Broncos assistant head coach Jim Bates. Both have coached in Dallas and know Jerry Jones. Bates gained valuable experience as an interim coach with the Dolphins and was a finalist for the Packers job a year ago. Pendergast would have been the interim coach in Arizona had Dennis Green stepped down during the bye week. Jerry and Stephen Jones spent Tuesday mapping out their plans for replacing Bill Parcells.

T.O. no-no: It's so fitting for Terrell Owens to make more contradicting and inane comments now that Bill Parcells is gone. First, he said he didn't get the ball enough. That was ridiculous. He had 152 passes thrown his way. He caught 85 for 1,180 yards, but he dropped 17 passes if you were be generous in not giving him drops. Why would any quarterback keep throwing to a receiver that drops a pass one in every nine times a ball goes in his direction? The most ridiculous comment was him saying Jones needs to a coach to get the Cowboys to the next level. Any coach who wants to get the right level would demand to rid the team of a selfish player who cares little about his teammates or winning. Parcells is a Hall of Fame lock. If he can't do anything with a team with Owens on it, what lesser coach could think he would do better? If anything, Owens' presence on the 2007 team could cost Jones some candidates.

Garcia out of Philly? The Eagles won't trade Donovan McNabb under any circumstance. McNabb will be the Eagles' starting quarterback this year. The fact a story came out indicating McNabb is unhappy is a sign that Jeff Garcia probably won't be back. If Garcia is considered a threat to McNabb, it's probably better to let him go to a team such as Tampa Bay or somewhere else. The Eagles aren't going to build their future on a 36-year-old quarterback. McNabb is the leader of the team. They will work out their problems with him.

Davidson in at Carolina: Jeff Davidson will be Dan Henning's replacement as offensive coordinator in Carolina. Davidson comes from Cleveland, where the offense struggled. Because he has worked with the offensive line, Davidson will bring the power type of offensive mind the Panthers are looking for.