Bears cool down Briggs deal 

April, 3, 2007
It's pretty clear the Bears want to slow down the Lance Briggs trade talks while the Redskins want to move quickly. By calling the Redskins and asking for more than just a swap of No. 1 picks, Bears general manager Jerry Angelo wants to keep alive the option of trading Briggs, but he wants it more on his terms, which may not be a sell with the Redskins.

The Redskins are exploring trade options above their sixth pick and below, with the lower options being tougher. Tuesday was a key day for the Briggs deal to happen. That it passed without a deal is not a good sign for a trade to happen.

Trade market: All the trade talk involving Chargers halfback Michael Turner is legit. He was in Tennessee on Tuesday and he remains a viable option for the Bills. The Cowboys and Jets are two teams snooping around this deal. Turner is a restricted free agent with a first- and third-round tender, which pretty much kills any type of signing. But the Chargers are willing to be flexible with the choices and would be willing to do a sign-and-trade. The Bills would have more clout than the Titans with the 12th pick in the first round, but if the Titans can package the 19th pick and another pick -- either this year or next -- they might be the team to get Turner. This is a thin draft for running backs in the first two rounds, which is giving Turner more play in the trade market.

Waiting game: Punter Todd Sauerbraun did the best he could to convince the Patriots not to match his one-year, $820,000 signing with the Broncos. The Patriots clearly have the ability to match. They have first right of refusal on any deal Sauerbraun signs. With three punters already on the Patriots roster, Sauerbraun wanted to find a different team and he likes kicking in the mile-high atmosphere in Denver. In his contract, he put in a no-trade clause along with clauses that would prevent the Patriots from putting the transition tag or franchise tag on him next year. He also built in $600,000 of incentives. He wants to be a Bronco, but the Patriots have seven days to decide if they want to keep him.