Keyshawn favors Raiders 

May, 15, 2007
The latest twist to the Keyshawn Johnson job search is his desire to be a Raider. Johnson has told friends he's always wanted to be a Raider. The Raiders seem to have some interest, but it isn't known how talks will go. He has a USC tie-in with Lane Kiffin, the Raiders new head coach. He would give them a tall possession receiver. Plus, he would be good working with the young receivers on the team. Johnson just came off vacation and is hoping to get a deal done with a team by the end of the week. He has about six teams interested.

Interesting timing: Julius Jones' timing for saying he felt robotic running last year for Bill Parcells comes at an interesting time. Jones is a free agent after the season. He will be competing against Michael Turner and Jamal Lewis in free agency for being the top back. Where the timing is interesting is how the offense should work now that he's in a minicamp. Jones will be able to run behind a fullback and that could help his style. Parcells preferred two tight end sets. Jones is more a one-cut-and-go type of runner. If he can parlay the 2007 season into good numbers, he may be able to challenge Turner for top running back money in free agency.

Sam Adams light: The Bengals released defensive tackle Sam Adams even though he had cut his weight into the 340-pound area. Adams probably needs to get into the 330s to entice a team such as the Broncos to sign him. Adams still has a quick first step that would work better at 335 pounds. The Broncos, meanwhile, are trying to get some bigger bodies on the line for new coordinator Jim Bates.