Hearing won't help Culpepper  

June, 29, 2007
The Daunte Culpepper hearing is a strange one. Like the Steve McNair grievance a year ago, it's hard for the grieved party to win much.

A year ago, McNair was banned from the Titans facility during the spring because the team wanted to trade him. McNair won the grievance, but it really didn't have much of an effect. The Titans traded him in June to Baltimore in the time frame that better fit the team, not McNair. Culpepper wants out of Miami after being informed the Dolphins are going a different way, and the Dolphins have acknowledged that they will let him go, but at their discretion.

As it turns out, Culpepper hasn't been banned from the facility. The team informed him he's not allowed to take part in the team session of practice. His hope during the hearing is to win his release so he can find his next team, his third in three years. What will probably happen is the arbiter will rule that Culpepper is allowed to be at the Dolphins facility and allowed to take part in team practices.