Briggs shows faith in Bears 

July, 25, 2007
Briggs shows trust: Lance Briggs didn't have to agree to show up early in training camp. He could have remained bitter over his $7.2 million franchise tag and held out until September. Instead, the Bears' linebacker signed a restructured one-year deal from the Bears that featured him accepting $1 million now and the rest during the season. The leap of faith on Briggs' part was his accepting a deal in which the team waives the franchise tag if he plays 75 percent of the snaps.

Briggs plays 90 percent of the downs in a normal season, but this might not be a normal year. Lovie Smith kept Briggs on the field on passing downs last season. But Chicago traded for safety Adam Archuletta, who could handle those duties. It's up to the Bears to live up to their side of the deal and let him free at the end of the season. General manager Jerry Angelo of the Bears is an honorable man. Briggs can plan on being a free agent next year because he showed faith in the team and the general manager who drafted him.