Another loss for Favre 

July, 30, 2007
Don't minimize the impact of the weekend death of 56-year-old Rocky Byrd on Packers quarterback Brett Favre. Byrd, who died of a heart attack, was the stepfather of Brett's wife, Deanna, but he was almost like a father to Favre. Byrd stayed at Favre's home and handled a lot of the daily work on the property. When Favre was in town in Gulfport, Miss., Favre would eat breakfast with Rocky every day.

Byrd had unique ways of phrasing things, and Favre constantly would laugh at what he called "Rockyisms." On Sunday night, Favre, who practiced when he didn't have to practice, did his best to hide his emotions. This is another tough loss for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Simon says no: Colts defensive tackle Corey Simon didn't show up for the team's opening practice, and don't expect him any time soon. Simon missed most of last season with a complicated medical problem. One published report had it as a rheumatoid arthritic condition, but safe to say it is more complicated than that.